The Legend

Once upon a time there was Sparkles the fairy who comes from Monsirius, the land of the fairies. She is a pixie fairy who loves playing games with the fairy children.

One of her favourites is magical mushrooms and fishing for butterflies. She loves looking after the butterflies and treasuring them.

One of her fairy friends is Rosenwyn, the rose fairy, who one day while flying around in the clearing of the forest stumbled upon a human child who was shrunk as small as a fairy or the so called ‘little people’ by the fairies.

The human child was celebrating her birthday.

She was taken through a portal into fairy land and was worried that she would miss her birthday party. But Rosenwyn the fairy was giving her a helping hand to find her way back.

They did encounter a few adventures together but eventually the birthday princess gets back with her family just in time to start the party celebrations.

Sparkles the fairy was invited too, to her birthday party, and as she enjoys playing with the fairy children so she does with little human girls and boys

They play lots of fairy games and have a magical time until it’s time for Sparkles to go back to be with her fairy friends in the land of fairies…