Fairy Party Ideas


How could you make a girl’s birthday more special than inviting a fairy to the party and playing some magical fairy games. Little girls often wonder if fairies are real and my four year old daughter was convinced that at a recent party the fairy entertaining the kids there was real. Kids love make-believe things & fairy parties and games are great for that. Often you only need a magical fairy wand to get their imagination going. Some of the games to play at a fairy party include:

  • Hide the fairy wand
  • Pass the fairy (like pass the parcel)
  • Instead of musical chairs I play musical mushrooms
  • Fishing out butterflies of a pretend water well ( by using a rod with a magnet & paperclips)
  • Bubble fun with a bubble machine imagining that each time one pops a new fairy is born in fairy land. Great for 2 and 3 year olds
  • Follow the fairy or ‘the fairy says’ (same concept as Simon says)
  • Instead of ‘duck, duck goose’ you can play ‘pixie, pixie fairy’

I like the idea of having a ‘high tea’ style morning or afternoon tea for a fairy party with cupcakes which can be one of the packages offered by The Sparkly Fairy.